Networking Infrastructure Services

Integration of various network strategies to support all systems, enabling the exchange of information with sophisticated technology.

Altelindo Karyamandiri offers a wide range of Networking Solution and services. Our supports cover the Network Infrastructure Design, Network Management, Network Monitoring, Cabling Solution, Wireless, Voice, VOIP, Video Conference, Intranet, Internet, Network Security, and Migration (IMAC) Solution.

Structure Cabling Solutions

PT Altelindo Karyamandiri offers a comprehensive cabling solution encompassing industry, education, and high-rise building. A structured cabling system provides a universal platform upon which an overall information systems strategy is built. With a flexible cabling infrastructure, a structured cabling system can support multiple voice, data, video, and multimedia systems regardless of their manufacturer.

As technology continues to evolve, the corporate network must support voice, data, video and multimedia applications. The growing size of networks and the introduction of higher-speed access methods create an overwhelming need for reliable, manageable cabling systems.

Careful planning will prevent congestion that can dramatically diminish your network performance. At the same time, a successful enterprise demands flexibility to meet the constant change of personnel and equipment.

In the field of LAN cabling cystems, Altelindo offers a complete range of products and value added services providing improved reliability and reduced cost of ownership for network managers, together with faster installation times for installers:
  1. Copper Systems and Voice
  2. Optical Fibre Systems
  3. Wireless
  4. Power over LAN & Active Accessories
  5. Intelligent Infrastructure Management
  6. Structural Hardware
Copper Systems and Voice

Altelindo offers cables at every performance level – from basic Cat5 to the most advanced Cat7 – and you can choose from a wide selection of UTP, FTP, S-FTP, and PiMF options. Our innovative modular connectivity approach makes installation quick, simple and cost-effective.

Our strict adherence to standards and dedication to quality gives you guaranteed application support over extended distances.Whatever your needs – for data, voice, or other IP applications – you can rely on Altelindo copper solutions.

Optical Fiber Systems

Flexible, robust, and scalable , Altelindo optical fiber systems are ideal for campus and building backbones, for horizontal cabling applications and for data center and storage area network connectivity.

We can provide everything you need: cables, patch panels and connectors, all fibre grades, included high grade extended distance support. This can be provided in products for field installation or supplied as a pre-terminated package.


When you need the flexibility to deploy a network – anytime, anywhere, or when cables simply can’t be installed or are going to be in the way, you need a wireless network. Altelindo offers range of enterprise-class access points that provide the very highest levels of security, quality of service, and manageability.

You can be sure that they will deliver the performance and the protection that you need. When you want to extend the network and need to adapt to rapid changes in requirements, our wireless solutions can help you achieve your aims.

Intelligent Infrastructure Management

Altelindo offers leading intelligent infrastructure management (IIM) solution. Complex and extensive infrastructures are needed to deliver the full benefits of IP networking and communications technologies to today’s organizations.

As the network – and its importance to daily operations – grows, managing the infrastructure and maximising the benefits and return on investment it delivers becomes an even greater challenge.

With intelligent infrastructure management solution, you can take full control of all your network assets, keep costs under firm control and implement additions, moves and changes swiftly and with minimal disruption.

Networking & Cabling Infrastructure Experiences

Network infrastructure services, integration of any network strategies to support all system, enabling the exchange of information with the sophisticate technology. Project experience Network & Cabling Infrastructure:

  1. Bank Danamon Indonesia Supplying and installation of data and voice cabling for more than 15 Bank Danamon Indonesia branches, cabling relocation and cabling dealing desk adjustment.
  2. Citibank NA, Indonesia (Network & cabling infrastructure for 13 areas)
  3. Standard Chartered Bank (Network & cabling infrastructure for 8 areas)
  4. Bank Mandiri (Network & cabling infrastructure for 2 areas)
  5. PT Matahari Putra Prima (Network & cabling infrastructure for 3 areas)
  6. Mabes TNI (Network & cabling infrastructure in Cilangkap)
  7. PT Broadband Indonesia (Network & cabling infrastructure for 7 areas)
  8. PT Indonesia NS (Network & cabling infrastructure for 1 area)
  9. Bank International Indonesia (Network & cabling infrastructure for 1 area)
  10. PT Indonesia Comnet Plus (Network & cabling infrastructure for 2 areas)
  11. Senayan City
  12. Tanjung Jati ‘B’ Power Plant
  13. PT Pirelli
  14. Global Mediacom (previously PT Bimantara)