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BMedic Hospital Information System

BMedic Hospital Information System (BMedic HIS) is an hospital application program. BMedic HIS runs on the Windows operating systems. Every hospital needs BMedic HIS to produce medical records.

By using BMedic HIS, hospitals can quickly respond to medical audit or medical record analysis for every patient. In doing so, hospitals can quickly and accurately take medical actions toward very patient coming.

When implemented in hospitals, BMedic HIS helps increase services efficiency and effectiveness. BMedic HIS has a wide range of modules that are designed to handle almost all process in hospitals.

BMedic HIS lessens the process of data workflow customization since BMedic HIS is developed using the latest technology from Microsoft, the Dot Net. By using the technology, every application change only needs to be done at the server.

Being fully integrated, all process in the BMEdic HIS form a process chain that connects to one another. The process chain at the end harbors to ke financial records.

Since BMEdic HIS is a multi-user application, each user of BMEdic HIS has different authority. The policy is implemented to ensure that each user can only run the process related with the job. The policy can be customized to better adapt with every hospital specific requirement.

In order to ensure data integrity, especially financial data, BMEdic HIS has multilayer security procedures, including Login and Password, besides encryption. The encryption ensures that the data in the database server can only be opened using BMEdic HIS application.

In order to prevent data loss, BMEdic HIS provides automatic data backup from main server to backup database server. In doing so, if one sever catches trouble, BMEdic HIS automatically switches the operation to the backup database server and the trouble does not affect hospital work process.