Application System

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Customer Management System (CMS)

PT Altelindo Karyamandiri offers Customer Management System (CMS) to help customer build reliable infrastructure in order to deliver secure, accurate, and integrated customer service and online payment. CMS is an effective solution to increase customers’ satisfaction.

CMS accommodates business process starting from the reception of new customer, customer mutation, GIS integration, integration of electronic and mechanical record, meter analysis, account printing system, credit monitoring, to call center and datacenter.

CMS is built and developed based on Windows platform and Oracle database. Altelindo chooses Windows because Windows is the most widely used operating system. Windows platform has a life time warranty so the users do not need to worry about the operating system support.

On the database side, Altelindo chooses Oracle since Oracle is suitable to be implemented for huge database. Oracle database also offers high-speed processing and flexibility. As a result, the user is able to gain agility to respond ever-changing business requirements.

Equipped with standard features that become business process corner stone, CMS provides single platform database that guarantees high-level security, performance stability, and flexibility to interact with third-party systems.

Data integrity is well-protected since CMS is equipped with standard disaster recovery that applies standby database concept as backup server. As a result, CMS structure and database relation assure consistency and data integrity.

By using SOPP and SIP3 applications, CMS users can avoid manipulations by accurately monitoring the payment at all payment points. The real-time monitoring also enables CMS users to increase stake holders’ trust.

CMS enables the users to build transparent and auditable business process since CMS provides automatic sales reports. CMS enables the users increase customers’ satisfaction by guaranteeing the accuracy and security of customers’ data.