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Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk

Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk is an intranet Web-based application program that helps helpdesk data management. Offering complete helpdesk solutions, Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk consists of five main tools. They are Helpdesk Call Management Tools, system Assignment Tools, Reporting Tools, Engineer Performance Tools, and Communication Tools.

Helpdesk Call Management Tools has a call logging feature that enables to receive problem reports by helpdesk staff via telephone, then to be submitted into the system. In addition, Helpdesk Call Management Tools also has priority or severity assignment to separate different level of problem priorities into its correlating category in the system.

By using Helpdesk Call Management Tools, the user can estimate the time needed to solve a problem, since the incoming call received, to the attendance of field engineer at the user location to starts working and the problem is resolved.

To close ticket problem, helpdesk can use quick-kill as well as non-quick kill by user via problem closing or escalation feature.

All the incoming calls can be analyzed using incoming call analysis feature at the period preferred. The feature enables the user to make conclusion about the amount of incoming call, abandon, or pick time. The result of the analysis is easy to digest since it can be displayed in chart view, such as bar- chart and pie chart.

The second beneficial tool of Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk is Automatic Field Engineer Assignment Tools, that escalates ticket problem to available field engineer in order to quickly resolve a problem based of the field engineer’s expertise and location.

To print ticket problem recapitulation reports in certain period (daily, weekly, or monthly), the user can use the third tool Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk provides, which is Reporting Tools. The tool also provides SLA achievement report and SLA pending report.

Altelindo WebTools does not leave the engineer’s performance unmonitored. Altelindo WebTools has engineer performance evaluation tool to measure the problem solving each engineer has done in certain period. The tool is useful to measure engineer’s effectiveness in doing the job.

The tool also provides engineer attendance or absence record. More than record, the tool provides performance measurement of each engineer to enforce reward and punishment policy. Engineer performance can be measured based on effectiveness in doing the job, attendance/absence, knowledge/expertise, and attitude.

Since every business process cannot run smoothly without communication, Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk is equipped with various communication features to ensure the seamless communication between all elements involved in the helpdesk system.

The communication features include marque text to display smort message on the top of Web page to socialize helpdesk services to the users. Other than that, the communication tool also includes online, the simple text message which work alike as web mail.

Last but not least, Altelindo WebTools Helpdesk provides trouble shooting guide as learning facility for user in handling the problems arise from the equipments used.