Broad Band Over Power Line

Broad Band Over Power Line uses PLC (Power Line Communication) technology to deliver broadband Internet access over a building's existing electrical wiring for a cost- effective, scalable, and reliable means of enabling broadband connectivity.

System implementation is easy and straight-forward, fulfilling the needs of MDU (Multi-Dwelling Units) tenants, hotel guests and office customers. BPL is ideal for buildings, where wireless networking is not easily supported, and it enables service providers to avoid the time and expenses of wiring a costly dedicated communication infrastructure.

The architecture of the system leverages robust broadband PLC chipset. The technology and design provides high performance and immunity to interference and noise, such as those created by electrical motors, fluorescent and halogen lamps, switching power supplies, etc.

BPL is a low-cost robust networking solution designed for deployment in challenging environments. The system is ideal where traditional connectivity using hard-wired or wireless technology doesn't exist or is not economically or technically feasible.

  • Requires low capital investment and provides an instant revenue stream (quick and easy deployment).
  • With a base station unit (PLC bridge) in place connected to a broadband backbone the building is ready. No need for expensive rewiring or post-wiring and no unnecessary redundant investment in connecting users that haven't joined the service yet.
  • Non-disruptive installation and no need to retrofit the building for new wiring. The building's decor can be kept intact.
  • Any electrical outlet in the apartment is turned into an Internet access port. The Internet is quickly at hand at any receptacle.
  • Easy to install and enables flexible scalability in adding a customer to the service simply by providing a PLC modem (the CPE - Customer Premises Equipment). Mitigation of environmental barriers, such as steel, concrete, and other obstacles that interrupt wireless communications.
  • Standard Ethernet backbone input enables multiple technologies to be used (such as DSL, Cable modem, wireless, satellite and fiber optic).

The BPL system is comprised of the following blocks:
  • BST - Base Station - connected to the backbone and to multiple repeaters and remotes - transfers and controls data traffic.
  • RPT - Repeater - a relay transferring information to other units in the network. Required in cases of long wiring and high attenuation.
  • RMT - Remote - the end user unit, which sometimes referred to as CPE (Customer Premises Equipment).
  • WBM - Secured Web Based network Managemet with standard web browser user interface. Enables remote (over the Internet), monitoring and configuration of the system.