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The Asian Pacific Conference and Exhibition on Banking Excellence 2007 (APCONEX)

May 9-11,2007, the entire banking industries will take the ceased action for Information Technology (IT) Investment, and will deliver the all related implementation and operational for the third party, which run its business in IT services.
So that reason, the banking industries will totally independent to select and decide which party will handle the entire banking solutions in Information Technology field instead, as well as people do independently to select what cellular operator for their telecommunication fulfillment.

IT investment has been allocated approximately 4 millions USD for each banking industry in every single year, due to the new allocation system for third party in Information Technology services, we hope the prior investments that have been spent for the last decade, would be definitely free, then allocate those into the operational only said the Head of STMIK Perbanas, Eko Indrajit.

He explained that banking technology architecture is extremely supposed to be implemented in Indonesia, while this system has been available in other countries since over than two decades.

Based on the reason above, PT. Altelindo Karyamandiri decided to participate into this great event in selling, promoting, and marketing for our growing company.

On this event, PT.Altelindo Karyamandiri launched our new products of SmartVista Atm Switching and Cash & Chegue Deposit System, instead of IT Outsourcing within its business process and Networking Infrastructure Solution.

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