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Social Activity on Natural Disaster in Pangandaran
July 21-22th, 2006

On Sunday, July 17, 2006 at 15:19:22 pm earthquake occurred in southern part of West Java at N9,46-E107,19 which it was 33 km depth and the magnitude was 6,8 Richter Scale.

After earthquake 30-40 minutes later tsunami attaceked the coastal area of West Java to Yogyakarta. The holiday cape of Pangandaran in southern coast of west Java was the worst disaster area and the highest run up tsunami (7 m from MSL). In Cimerak near Pangandaran which the maximum inundation of tsunami waves reached 1 km far from the coast.

Emergency assistances, instead of logistics have been supported and given by the representative volunteers from Altelindo since July 21-22,2006.

Besides praying, nothing could be given for the victims and survivals is that supports and motivation from us.
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