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Social Activity for National Catastrophe (Tsunami) In Aceh

A magnitude 8.9 earthquake and subsequent tsunami which devastated Aceh and Nias (North Sumatra) on December 26, 2004, caused almost unbearable grief and suffering among the population. Many people were kiled or went missing while survivors had to cope with injuries, or the loss of loved ones or property.

The deadly tsunami from the Indian Ocean killed around 168,000 people in Indonesian western-most province of Aceh and Nias (North Sumatra), rendered almost one million people homeless and destroyed around 80 percent of infrastructures in the worst-hit areas. Some 130,000 people were believed still missing due to the huge waves.

In response to this huge catastrophe, the Altelindo has expressed its commitment to supporting the mental , nutrition, and rehabilitation efforts for the survivals, though we could only do it in a day. For us, just do from a small thing to get a big thing.

Posted by Human Resources Department