IT Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing is a strategy whereby a company consigns a portion of its business activities to another company. In other words, outsourcing is a management strategy in which a company entrusts a specialized and effective company with parts of existing or new businesses.
Among strategies that improve innovation and competitiveness of companies, outsourcing has been especially recognized as one that maximizes effects within a relatively short period of time.

Outsourcing your IT needs can help you concentrate on your core business. Through outsourcing, companies are reducing costs while keeping your company expertise and skills focused on your core business.

  • Contract Programming: Software development and maintenance, including design, testing, porting and conversion.
  • Helpdesk Management Outsourcing: Helpdesk Management for enterprise which covers, Helpdesk Business Process, Helpdesk Agent, and Helpdesk Software Implementation.
  • IT Administration: Help IT organization in the company by making Regular Reports, Documentation, Filling, and other administration needed.
  • IT Security Administration: This function helps IT Security Department in term of Business Process Requirement (In IT Security Area).
  • IT Environment Monitoring Outsourcing: Active Devices Monitoring based on checklist covers LAN/WAN Devices, Servers, ATM, etc.
  • Daily Technical Support (Head Office/Branch) Outsourcing: Our technical support will help IT Division to support daily operation in term of IT Area as second layer support. It covers Desktop Support, Server Support, LAN/WAN Support, etc.
  • Special Technical Support Outsourcing: Providing Expert Technical Support with special Skill /Specific Applications such as RTGS, Swift Application, VOIP Engineers, PABX Engineer, etc.
  • Technical Projects Management Outsourcing: Providing Project Managers to work on behalf Client to manage other vendors
Altelindo Methodology and Competitiveness:
  • On-Site Engineer Team: Engineer team placed at every project site.
  • Backup Engineer Team: Backup Engineer quickly deployed for temporary to replace On-Site Engineer if they cannot present for one or another reason.
  • Technical Expert Team: This team will support On-Site team on technical matter if needed.
  • Manpower: Team consist of qualified/skilled and experience person, trained, used to work as team, with qualification: OCP, MCP, MCSE, MCSA, CCNA, CCNP, Belden & AMP Certified.
  • Altelindo Management: High Level Altelindo Management commit to fully support for every outsourcing project.
Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA):
  • Explicitly mentioned in the Global Agreement (Company-to-Company).
  • Agreed and signed by every person who will be placed on site project (Person-to-Company).
The Content: Altelindo and all the staff admit and will guarantee there will be no information leakage and all data/information are belongs to client.

IT Outsourcing Division

Altelindo Outsourcing Division covers comprehensive support services for various technology infrastructure devices for a complete life-cycle of the products. In today business operations, technology infrastructure has become one of the driven factor to success and IT support excellence is fundamental. Competition has made many organizations to focus more on their core business and to operate with tighter budgets and reduced number of staffs, as a consequence many organizations have to compromise critical elements from the IT support infrastructure which leaves many exposure to prolonged and costly downtime. Altelindo provides our clients a flexibility to manage your IT services and support needs with its comprehensive managed services throughout client's organization. As one of the largest IT managed services provider in Indonesia with more than 500 engineers across Indonesia, our managed services have improved and eliminated many of our clients' risks, costs and complications of managing their technology environment. Our managed services can help our clients realize the most value from clients' IT infrastructure investments in every stage of the technology life-cycle. Altelindo is committed in delivering quality and dedicated IT infrastructure support services, flexible and tailored scope of work to accomodate rapid business changes and management of complex systems.

  • Comprehensive Services
  • Our comprehensive services include on-site managed services, system administration and help-desk services, asset management services, network operations management services, project management services as well as IT support organization structure setup services.

    On-Site Managed Services

    On-site managed services provide credentialed technicians for IT infrastructures devices as dedicated resources for specific client location. Our vast experiences and exposure in handling multiple sites have ensure that our resources are working with the correct standard operating procedure (SOP) and to comply with the agreed service level agreement (SLA).

    System Administration and Help-Desk Services

    System Administration and helpdesk include managing multiple vendor providers, documenting, accepting call, create log, dispatching and triggering escallation for un-solved matters. Our customers have a choice for utilizing their own helpdesk application or to use our standard WebTool helpdesk application to stream-line administration and helpdesk operations.

    Asset Management Services

    Our Asset Management Services are ensuring the full life cycle control of IT infrastructure assets. Altelindo has created a practical electronic procurement and inventory tools to insure accurate inventory and on-going tracking of IT assets from the time purchased/leased to disposal. Altelindo even come to the extend of providing an IT budgeting tool that has assisted several of our clients to stream-line purchase request of new assets to approval and control of allocated budget versus actual budget within IT department. Asset Management provides organizations with management and strategic decision support to control capital and support costs for distributed computing devices. Altelindo’s Asset Management solution tightly integrates processes and tools to align with strategic IT goals and objectives. When implemented, Asset Management leverages the full value of IT assets and provides effective budgeting and forecasting. Altelindo approach to managing assets incorporates a comprehensive process that includes technical, financial, and support components. Altelindo delivers a highly-disciplined method to manage assets through each phase of their life cycle.

    Network Operations Management Services

    Network operations management services provide corporations with outsourced network management functions, allowing Altelindo team to take responsibility for managing the organization's infrastructure operations. An agreed service level agreement (SLA) are what our customers wanted out of this services, as a result our customers can focus more on a more strategic activities without worrying too much on network issue and availability

    Project Management Services & Organization Structure Setup Services

    An aggressive expansion strategy of a corporation to support new target and goal has created an unplanned and lack of capacity in IT infrastructure and operation to support the business. An aggressive expansion to add capacity and to support new IT infrastructure can create unplanned, inefficient and unsustainable IT organization. Altelindo outsourced and managed services ensure that project management office and organization structure setup are ready to take the additional load to support the aggressive expansion strategy of any corporations. With more than 500 engineers and extensive exposure supporting large organizations with thousands of employees within it, Altelindo is confidence to handle the most demanding customer environment.

  • Comprehensive Infrastructure Support
  • Altelindo comprehensive infrastructure support covers various IP based devices started from desktop, server, storage, network, voice, ATM, kiosk and security access.


    Altelindo offers a complete set of solutions to manage, protect, support and optimize your desktop and distributed computing environment. Our approach to Desktop Outsourcing addresses the entire lifecycle of desktop computing from acquisition to disposal. We maximize the value of IT assets by integrating a comprehensive set of support and management solutions such as WebTool Help Desk and Infrastructure Support. Our Desktop Outsourcing solution provides a dedicated assignment of engineer that delivers best-in-class support and high end-user satisfaction.


    Our credentialed technicians for server hardware and its operating system provide support on an on-site, as needed, by-event basis for specific client locations. We are able to provide our clients with "master images". These images are managed and maintained on a save storage locations and are used to either initially configure or reconfigure deployed hardware to insure standardization.


    Server farms commonly need storage area network (SAN) infrastructure to support massive amount of corporate data. Altelindo provides corporations with dedicated resources to take responsibility for monitoring storage performance and to ensure high level of availability.


    Network management functions within a corporation is crucial to ensure that organization's infrastructure operations run accordingly. Altelindo team is able to take responsibility to manage network infrastructure ensuring that high level of availability.


    Voice infrastructure has started to merged with the existence of IP telephony (IP phone, PABX, AVR, CTI) and managing its infrastructure requires the same amount of effort, skill and focus as other IP based devices. Our credentialed technicians are accustomed to managing enterprise scale deployment and maintenance of IP based telephony infrastructure.


    Altelindo team is accustomed to mission critical IT environment typical in Banking industry including its fore-front delivery channel accessed by its customers, ATM infrastructure. Our technicians have the experience and exposure in providing service level support in monitoring ATM performance and ensuring that proper system admin process, dispatching and help-desk tasks are in-place at all times.


    Similar to ATM infrastructure, our clients have the flexibility to extend our infrastructure support to kiosk as additional delivery channel to the bank.

    Security Access

    Altelindo provides credentialed technicians to manage security access devices from access door to data center security access. We operate according to company standard operating procedure for maintaining security throughout the organization where our technicians are located

  • Complete Life-Cycle of the Products
  • A complete life-cycle support of client infrastructure devices enables Altelindo to become long-term and continuous partner to handle hardware and software infrastructure from acquisition to disposal stage.


    Acquisition services provide consolidated procurement, management and configuration for multi-vendor hardware and software products.

    Install and Configure

    Altelindo credentialed technicians provide hardware, operating systems and software installation and configuration on an enterprise level. We can also provide "master images" that we managed and maintained for initial configuration or reconfiguration of deployed hardware to ensure standardization.


    Altelindo dedicated resources for hardware, operating systems and software support are ready for on-site services. Our WebTool Helpdesk system can be used to ensure easy submission and monitoring of issues, fixes progress and resolution status.

    Technology Refresh / Update

    Altelindo provides credentialed technicians for hardware and software migration or remediation on an enterprise level.

    Moves, Adds and Changes (MAC)

    Our technicians for hardware and software can also provide moves, adds or changes of internal setting of hardware and software configuration or even for physical relocation and those hardware and software.


    At the end of hardware and software life-cycle, our technicians are able to do proper removal, preparation an disposal of IT assets.

  • Our Value Adds
  • Enterprise Level Clients
  • Competitive Price Offering
  • Satisfied Customer with testimonials
  • Supporting Tools
    • e-Procurement Tool
    • Web-based Help-desk Tool
    • IT Inventory Tool
    • IT Budgeting Tool
  • Best Practice Templates
    • PMO
    • IT Support Organization Structure
    • Business Process Flow
    • SLA template
    • SOP template
    • Documentation and Form template
    • Reporting template
  • Enterprise Level Organization
    • More than 500 credentialed technicians
    • Back-up engineers