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Altelindo started as data cabling infrastructure implementor since 1996, and gradually adding customer references and portfolio covering various technology implementations. In today business operations, technology infrastructure has become one of the driving factor to success, and IT support excellence is fundamental. Competition has made many organizations to focus more on their core businesses and to operate with tighter budgets and reduced number of staffs, and as a consequence many organizations have to compromise critical elements from the IT support infrastructure which leaves many exposure to prolonged and costly downtime. Altelindo provides our customers with a flexibility to manage their IT services and support needs with its comprehensive system integration and managed services throughout the organization.

As one of the largest IT managed services provider in Indonesia with more than 600 engineers across Indonesia, our managed services have improved and eliminated many of our clients' risks, costs and complications of managing their technology environment. Our managed services can help our customers realize the most value from their IT infrastructure investments in every stage of the technology life-cycle.

Altelindo is committed in delivering quality and dedicated IT infrastructure support services, flexible and tailored scope of work to accommodate rapid business changes and management of complex systems. Our comprehensive services include system integration for IT infrastructure related services, on-site managed services, system administration and help-desk services, asset management services, network operations management services, project management services as well as IT support organization structure setup services.