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founded in Jakarta, Altelindo Karyamandiri is a system solution provider based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Altelindo provides comprehensive services and end user supports through knowledge and skilled people.

Altelindo provides a team of management professionals with specific knowledge and also customized skills, which are tied to various industries requirement. Altelindos investment in people, processes, and infrastructure has enabled Altelindo to achieve this goal for diverse clients.

Altelindos commitment to the customers makes Altelindo a dedicated system solutions provider for a majority of clients.


Bringing added value to the clients and business partners by providing effective information and communication technology solution that meets the customers requirements.


Becoming the leader in providing information and communication technology, with continued development and quality management with long term and beneficial partnership.


Altelindo holds a professional commitment to deliver the most favorable information and communication technology solutions to the customers


Altelindo provides total solution with best services in IT for Altelindo customers. Altelindo does the best training and enriches Altelindo engineer's experiences. Altelindo gives better operational to assist customers regaining their IT investment.

Altelindo values total solutions Altelindo provides to the customers and Altelindo measures success by the success of the customers.

In valuing unique requirements of our customers, Altelindo works inclusively to create efficient project management flow. Experiences of Altelindo project management team result expertise in defining project, planning, and management to ensure execution of high level of work consistently.

Coordinating delivery and configuration system as well as designing and implementing acceptance test are the basic tasks conducted by Altelindo team.


  1. Increase the company revenue with focused, selective, and tangible marketing strategy.
  2. Improve the professionalism of Altelindo human resource.
  3. Always provide better, more reliable, and innovative products.
  4. Consistently develop more effective procedural systems.
  5. Grow loyalty and sense of discipline.

PT Altelindo Karyamandiri is the subsidiary of PT SAM Mitra Mandiri. In addition to Altelindo, the subsidiaries of SAM includes:
Mr. Hans Nugroho
SAM Mitra Mandiri
(Holding Company)
Mr. Ricky Rezani
(IT Company)
Mr. Aminullah
(Trading Company)
Mr. Peter Setiono
MMS & Realindo Castle
(Property Company)
Mr. Rudy Capelle
Cekatan Energy Mandiri
(EPC Company)
Mr. Rozanno Katianda
Dwi Manunggal Mitra Karsa
(Supplier Company)
Mr. Yusuf Abdul Malik
Mesirindo Dirgantara
(Travel Agency)
Mr. Madha Perwira
GEN Komunikasi
(Advertising Agency)
Mr. Denny Goestaf
Parama Dian Kencana
(Production House & Agency)
Mr. Hans Nugroho
President Commissioner

Christian Lahino

Chris Lahino is the commissioner of PT Altelindo Karyamandiri. Chris takes the responsibilities for controlling the policy of the company, and provide guidelines to Board of Directors. In addition, Chris also controls and checks all the documents, bookkeeping, and having a right to know the activities and action which have been conducted by Board of Directors.

Outside of Altelindo, Chris is an advisor of the USAID Project. At USAID, Chris is responsible for providing support in establishing the Tax Intelligence and Investigation Directorate, and to make it an effective unit. The task includes setting up empowerment of the unit, implementation of the new role, tax criminal training, and re-writing the procedures for effective operation.

Before joining Altelindo in May 2007, Chris has a very long career in the financial industry. As Head of Board of Commissioners (President Commissioner) Prima Express Bank in 2003, Chris was responsible for managing the government taken over bank prior to merger to a new bank called Bank Permata.

In financial industry, Chris spent most of his career at the Citibank. As Country Branch Service Head (Vice President) of Citibank, in 1999-2000 Chris championed and imbibed a culture of continue process improvement within the consumer bank in Indonesia, using empowerment and cross-functional teams to achieve substantive gains in customer satisfaction.

In 2000-2004, Chris joined Indonesian Banking Restructuring Agency (IBRA) as Senior Vice President. At his crucial post, Chris successfully completed the given tasks with the time period and successfully obtained various supports, including financial support from external body to facilitate the work until the establishment. Chris was a key contributor to the smooth claim processing for IBRA asset.
Georgie Kumaat
President Director

Georgie Kumaat has occupied the position as President Director of PT Altelindo Karyamandiri since October 2002. He was previously the General Manager of Egypt Air and The Country head of SPEEDWING (information technology company, being a subsidiary of British Airways). In 1997 Kumaat was a General Manager in British Airways PLC. His other experience is Commercial Director of Mantrust Beverages (Pepsi Cola, Anker Beer), which previously he was The Vice President in the same company.
Edward Ismawan Chamdani
Director of Sales and Marketing

Prior to joining PT. Altelindo Karya Mandiri as Director of Sales and Marketing, Edward Ismawan Chamdani was the founder and CEO of PT. EC-TWO Indonesia (ec2), a company focusing in Business and Application Integration Solutions. The ec2 company has now been acquired by Altelindo since July 2007.

Part of his accomplishment, Edward once as an advisor, he developed a start-up company, PT. Hyperintel Solutions, a company focusing in Hyperion Business Performance Management solutions; and during his advisory service, he successfully grow Hyperintel from less then US$ 100K revenue company into a one million US dollar revenue company just within a year.

In 2003, Edward was a co-founder and as one of the director of PT. Worxcode Imagineering Indonesia, a company that is very focused in office automation and collaboration suite.

Edward captured much of his knowledge, experiences and exposure in ICT during his carreer in PT. IBM Indonesia. He was as a e-Business Solution Engagement Manager and Client IT Architect for Financial Services Sector. Part of his responsibility was to provide banking solutions needed by IBM financial customers mostly in business application related area; enabling them to confidently make the right decision in deploying technology related initiatives.

Due to his past experience and his passion in engaging with business users and line of business people, he was invited in May 2002 to become a member of IBM Worldwide Thought Leadership council team member in Financial Services Sector. The team consists of around 50 members worldwide initially sharing new trends and latest research development within IBM.

During year of 2000-2001, he was in charge for e-business related engagements and had become a member of IBM e-Incubator committee together with Jafco/BNI Venture Capital, in-charge for evaluating business proposals. During his employment in IBM Indonesia, Edward has received numerous awards such as President Directorís Awards, Country Managerís Awards and Managerís Awards for achieving substantial wins for IBM Indonesia and he was also appointed to head Linux initiative of IBM Indonesia in 2002.

Prior to joining IBM Indonesia, Edward had joined two companies in the same line of business for a total of five years as a consultant position at Magna Industrial Company Ltd. and Oberon Manufacturing Company Ltd. assisting their channels in Indonesia and East Malaysia territories. Part of his achievements were increasing sales and expanding the market by two times in the second year of joining the Delta Division and the Oberon.

Edward received his degree with Deanís List (3.54/4.00 GPA) from Southern Technology at Marietta, Georgia, majoring in Mechanical Engineering with minor in applied robotic application and flexible manufacturing system. Edward was a Certified Manufacturing Technologist and a Certified Engineer in Training (EIT) in Atlanta (1990-1991). During his study, he was one the board member at Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME) and Georgia Society of Professional, and President of Indonesian Student Association (Permias) - Atlanta, USA in 1991.

Besides his academic and organizational achievements, Edward has received numerous achievements in tennis from receiving scholarship as varsity member in the university, and he was invited by Indonesian Lawn Tennis Indonesia to represent Indonesia during Gafar Cub Ď88 in Malaysia, and other tournaments achievement.
Abdul Malik Abdul Mun'im
General Affairs, Legal, and Human Resources Director

Abdul Malik Abdul Mun'im is the General Affairs, Legal, and Human Resources Director of PT Altelindo Karyamandiri. He has the objectives of gaining international work experience in a high tech company and a challenging career opportunity to build on his previous experience.

Malik has a long career at Altelindo. In 1999-2002, Malik was responsible for for the quality control and purchase orders and managing contracts and negotiations with customers and distributors.

During his early career at Altelindo, Malik was responsible for the financial reporting, reporting to the director for cash flow and operation expenditure, and managing team for Citibank Project Y2K.

Malik successfully accomplished the tasks he had been given and his career rose quickly. Starting in 2003, Malik endures the challenge of becoming the Director of Altelindo.
Henny Narwadan
Finance and Accounting Director

Henny Narwadan was born in 1973 and she completed her master in accounting degree from Indonesia University in 2001. She was subsequently appointed as a Finance and Accounting Director of the Company since 2005. She is responsible to provide support for the holding company in achieving the objectives, to provide strategic direction and standardization for operation and also strengthening company financial ability in order to operate and to expand the activities. She was previously the Finance Manager of the company for 3 years that was successfully produce Audited Report 2003, and becoming first audited report for company.


Desa Altel was built to bring pleasant of Ethnical and Balinese atmosphere. Desa Altel architecture and interior reflect the art, culture and history of Indonesia in general and Bali in particular. it is our beautiful working environment which is located in south Jakarta.

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